Mold Growth and some products for its Removal

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Aug 27 2014

Mold Growth and some products for its Removal

Almost all molds are allergenic and cause serious respiratory problems. If mold is allowed to grow then it forms a colony and its extensive growth can cause serious problems for the furniture and other items as well as the human health.  Some molds are even toxic and hazardous for human health. The toxic black mold is very poisonous and can even cause cancer and other fatal diseases. Mold should be removed from your house as soon as you see it anywhere by los angeles mold remediation. There are various products that are suitable for the removal of mold growth. These products include borax, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, vinegar, tea tree oil, baking soda and detergents. Here we would discuss vinegar and ammonia. Natural products for cleaning the mold are vinegar, borax, tea tree oil and baking soda.

Mold Removal with Vinegar

Vinegar is a diluted and mild acid. It is very effective in cleaning of the mold species. Almost 82% of mold species are removed by the vinegar. It is natural and safe product for mold removal. This is because heavy fumes are not produced and it is not toxic like bleach.

Spray the white distilled vinegar on to the affected surface and leave it for 1 hour. Rinse it off after some time and let the surface dry. Do not mix water with the vinegar. This vinegar is easily available in the market. Vinegar can be used for removing mold from the tiles of bathroom or any other non-porous surface.

Mold Removal with Ammonia

Ammonia is a toxic chemical. It is harsh but an effective product for removal of mold from non-porous surface. it is not effective on the porous surfaces like wood and dry wall. Ammonia and bleach must not be mixed together. This is because chlorine and ammonia react and produce a very toxic gas. This gas was used as the chemical weapon in WW2.

For mold removal through ammonia a solution of 50% ammonia and 50% water should be sprayed onto the affected surface with the help of spraying bottle. Ammonia must be “clear ammonia”. Check the label when you buy the ammonia. Leave the surface for some time and clean the mold. Rinse off the solution with water. Some detergents also contain ammonia in them. Those detergents can also be used for removing mold. But be careful that ammonia and chlorine should never be mixed.



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