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Sep 14 2014

When the walls of your house get damaged by the water, you can repair them without the help of an expert or professional restoration company. It is advised to call the experts because they know how to repair the damaged walls and they have all necessary items and equipments that can be very helpful in the repairing process. They are trained enough to go through all the situations that can come across while fixing a los angeles water damaged wall. But if due to some reason it is not possible to render the services of water damage Restoration Company then you can do it on your own. Follow these simple steps,


Step 1: Shutting off Power

Remove the outlet in the wall and shut off the main power before removing the outlet.

Step 2: Exposing the Wall

Start exposing the wall after the outlet has been removed. Cut of the mold using the utility knife. Baseboard can be removed by using the chisel and hammer.


Step 3: Removal of Rot

Rotted dry wall and moldy insulation must also be removed.


Step 4: Cut and Seal the Plywood

Now a plywood board replacement should be prepared.


Step 5: Sealing underneath the Window

The troubling area under the windows must also be painted. that is necessary for los angeles water removal.


Step 6: Preparation of the area outside the window

Now for preparation of the window from outside, clean the window sill and make it dry. Take out all debris from the weep holes. Now bead of caulk be applied to the cracks in the windows.


Step 7: Put Up Plywood

Now place the completely dry plywood board in the gap. Use two blocks behind this board for its support. Anchor this board in the existing studs of the window frame and fix it.


Step 8: Replacing the Outlets and Insulation

Replace the damaged outlets and insulations and use new insulation instead. The paper side must face the living area.


Step 9: Replacing the Drywall

Use a tape to mark the studs in the window. This will be helpful in finding these studs for the drywall adjustment afterwards. Place the new drywall in the desired place and then drywall mud should be applied to the seams. Allow the mud to dry completely. Process can be repeated if necessary.


Step 10: Replacing the Baseboard and Painting

Now you have to finally replace the base board and then paint it wit h color of your own choice.



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