Steps to be followed after a fire in your house

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Sep 21 2014

Whenever fire breaks out in your home, this is a frightening and horrible experience for you. You might loose your precious belongings as well as you might suffer severe loss of you house’s infrastructure. Whatever the loss and after effects might be, you must know what to do after the fire has been extinguished. You have to follow these steps to avoid further loss,

Step no: 1

Entering into the home after a fire

You must not enter the building that has been damaged by fire until and unless experts and professionals do not advise you to enter. This will help you in saving your life a s fire damaged building can be severely damaging for your life.

Step no: 2

Calling the family

First of all call your family and friends that were not with you and tell them that you are really ok and explain them the situation.

Step no: 3

Calling the insurer

After this you have to call your insurance company immediately so that your insurer comes to know about the loss and the extent of the loss. The insurance company will also help you in clean up options.

Step no: 4

Calling the owner/landlord

Now if you are a tenant then you must call your landlord/owner and tell him about the details of the incident.

Step no: 5

Fire report

The fire report has all the details about the incident that can help the insurer and the owner/landlord of your house. Details include date and time of incident, structure of house, extent of damage etc.

Step no: 6

Property and its security

Now you must call emergency services so that your los angeles fire damaged property can be prevented from further looting.

Step no: 7

Clean up requirements

If the house is not destroyed and it is only damaged then you must have to clean it up, the clean up requirements are assessing the damage and then calling an expert from a fire damage restoration company. Damage can be in form of ashes, soot and charring, smoke and unwanted odors.

Step no: 8

Drying the home

You have to dry your home from the water that has been used in extinguishing the fire. This water, if not dried, can cause mold growth. The los angeles mold  damage can be more severe and it also affects the health of the individuals.


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