Smoke damage and electronic items in your house

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Sep 21 2014

los angeles Smoke damage can be devastating as smoke contains a large number of different chemicals. These chemicals include hydrochloric, nitric and sulfuric acid. These chemicals are formed when sulfur containing products burn in a fire. Nitric acid is formed when the fires burn at very high temperatures. Due to these high temperatures the nitrous oxide gas is formed and that in turn produces nitric acid.  The smoke is therefore corrosive and damaging. The corrosiveness can be measured by corrosion index. The smoke damages the electronic equipments in your house and these equipments are so sensitive that they can be totally damaged by even a small amount of corrosion.


The electronic equipments and the smoke damage

Smoke damage to the electronic equipments can be more damaging as compared to the fire damage itself. This is because the nature of smoke residues is acidic and it corrodes the metals, glass and plastic products. The electronics are made up of the three materials mentioned above and that is why the smoke damages the electronic items severely. The soot and the water combination can be exponentially damaging for the electronics in your home. This is because this combination increases the acidic strength of the soot and the items that are exposed to the soot for a prolonged period of time are at more risk of the los angeles smoke damage. The acids mentioned above become active and they must be eliminated and removed with the help of cleaning procedure. This removal must be done as soon as possible. The smoke damaged equipments can be saved and re-used accordingly. These equipments must be cleaned and tested for re-usage under the instructions of an expert that knows properly how to handle a smoke damaged electronic item. The electronic items are sensitive and require care for cleaning. The fire damage restoration experts have proper training and tools that are needed to recover the electronic items after they have been damaged by the fire and smoke. Full and thorough knowledge about all the procedure of recovery is very necessary so that sensitive equipments can be recovered easily. These experts are therefore suitable for this job. The smoke and fire can damage the cables of the equipments and the inner machinery that is very sensitive. The fire damage restoration experts have all the necessary training as well as the tools and equipments that are needed to repair the damaged machinery and cables of damaged item.



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