Fire damage to lawn

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Sep 21 2014



Sometimes when fire breaks out in homes, it extends to the gardens and lawns in the backyards. This fire burns the grass and turns it into ashes. Some times the fire breaks out only in lawns due to lightning of fireworks etc.  In either case, the los angeles fire damage to the lawn can become severe. Following are some useful tips that can help in fixing the damage caused by the fire in lawn. Most of the home owners are not interested in gardening and they do not know how to take care of the lawn. So when the lawn gets damaged by the fire, they do not know what to do with the problem and how to fix the damage. They do not want to live in ashed backyards so they call experts from a fire damage restoration company.

Expert’s opinion and the fire damage to lawn

  • Reseeding of lawn

Experts say that when your lawn is damaged by the fire then you must re-seed it. This is the best possible solution to fix the damage. The slight fire damage is not a total loss in fact the ashes are good fertilizer and grass can grow very well if the soil is fertilized. The seeds must be protected with a good floating covers so that the birds may not eat them up or they might not be washed away with heavy rains.


  • Insect and weed killing


Sometimes the pest insects and weeds are also eliminated through the slight fires and your garden become insect and weed free. Re-seeding is very important after your lawn has been fried from fire.


  • Organic fertilizer


Organic fertilizers must be used after the fire damage. This fertilizer will help you to avoid further loss to the lawn.


  • Regeneration of growth


The fire in the lawn is not always a curse and sometimes people intentionally put their lawns on fire to regenerate the growth.


  • Plantation of tons of grass


After the los angeles fire damage, if the lawn has been burnt completely then you must plant tons of new grass and wait for sometime and see the results. You have to water it properly. You can plant it in the entire lawn or only in the flower/veggie beds. The soil of you lawn is much fertilized and it is also weed free. This is the best time to plant new grass in your lawn.


  • Moistening the seeds


Moistening of seed is very necessary. The soaked seeds will have strong roots and fresher look.




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