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Black Mold: Removal through Cleaning Products

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Aug 23 2014

Black Mold: Removal through Cleaning Products

Black mold is a toxic mold that can cause serious health hazards and sometimes even death of an individual. It usually grows in the damp, moist and dark areas and it is quickly and easily spreadable to other areas. As soon as you detect the presence of black mold in your home then the very first step should be an effort to clean it up. Always use personal protection equipment like gloves, goggles or face mask while cleaning the mold. Many household products can be used to remove the mold. Some are natural products while others are cleaning products generally used in the routine life. Here we would discuss the removal of mold through the cleaning products.

The cleaning products used for cleaning up the mold in homes are

  • Borax
  • Detergent
  • Ammonia


Method 1: Cleaning Mold with Borax

Borax is a cheap household product that is easily available in the market. It is an effective product for the removal of mold from homes. It works really well on the non-porous surfaces like tiles and glass made surfaces. First of all use HEPA vacuum to clean up the mold on the apparent surface so that the spores do not spread all over. Make a solution of 1 cup borax and one gallon water. Scrub away the mold with help of this mixture. You can use scrubbing brushes to clean the mold. Rinsing off the surface is not necessary.

Method 2: Cleaning with Detergent

The cleaning up of mold wit help of the detergent is very effective method for non-porous surfaces like glass or tiles. Mold is not killed by using this method but it is removed away from the surface. Make a mixture of 1 cup laundry detergent and 1 gallon of water. Spray this solution onto the moldy area and remove the mold with help of a brush or los angeles water damage. Rinse off the surface.

Method 3: cleaning with Ammonia

Ammonia is an effective product to clean up the toxic black mold from homes. Make sure that you are using clear ammonia. See the label while buying ammonia from the store. Ammonia can remove mold only from non-porous surfaces but not from the porous ones. Make a mixture of equal amounts of clear ammonia and water and spray it on the moldy area. Leave it for about2 hors and then wipe off the surface with help of a scrubbing brush. Now rinse the surface off and have a clean mold free surface.